Chiller Truck Rental

Chiller Truck Rental

At Refrigerated Trucks Dubai, we specialise in Refrigerated VansChiller Van and Chiller Trucks Hire, providing you with exactly what you need when it comes to refrigerated transport. Our staff has more than 30 years of delivery experience. We handle various kind of cargoes like pharmaceutical products, frozen n chilled food products, frozen dessert, flowers, etc.
Afridi Refrigerated Transport is a well establish and known refrigerated transport brand in U.A.E. The division carries a wealth of experience for the transportation of refrigerated goods, having serviced a customer base that ranges from the transportation of semi-perishable goods to chilled dairy products to frozen goods. Customers vary from the catering sector to the major cold chain distribution companies.

Why Choose Refrigerated Trucks Dubai

you will be equipped with a vehicle that has; polyurethane insulation panels, internal unit support, internal mounting points, along with rear and side doors with seals. Utilising a refrigerated truck enables you to keep your products organised without the worries of any damages while in transport.

If you require a commercial truck body to meet your refrigerated transportation solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. At Afridi Refrigerated Transport we are committed to providing our customers with complete refrigerated transport solutions. We provide you with a commercial truck body that has a fully enclosed body, providing you with spacious surroundings for safe transportation of goods.

Be 100% sure that we proudly deliver your goods safely & smoothly to all Destination